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Marine Air Group Sixty-One

Marine Bombing Squadron Four-Thirteen

Marine Bombing Squadron Four-Twenty-Three Official Reunion & Message Board

Marine Bombing Squadron Four-Twenty-Three

Marine Bombing Squadron Four-Thirty-Three

Marine Bombing Squadron Four-Forty-Three

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Eleven

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Fourteen

Marine Bombing Squadrons of the Second World War

North American PBJ-1 Mitchell

Marine Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron One-Fifty-Four

Marine Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron Three-Fifty-Four

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron Two-Thirty-Five

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron Two-Forty-Three

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron Two-Forty-Four

Marine Fighting Squadron One-Twelve

Marine Fighting Squadrons One-Twenty-Four and One-Fifty-Five

Marine Fighting Squadron Two-Thirteen

Marine Fighting Squadron Two-Sixteen

Marine Fighting Squadron Two-Thirty-Five

Marine Fighting Squadron Three-Twenty-Three

Marine Fighting Squadron (Night) Five-Thirty-One

Robert Stark Ligon, Sr. - A Life Remembered

Yokwe Online: Everything Marshall Islands

Dave Fortin's Wreck Webpage

Abara Banaba

U.S. Marine Raiders

National Museum of the Marine Corps: Museum Store

National World War II Memorial

Newport Airfield

University of Houston Libraries:  Clell Thorpe WW-II Photograph Collection

Frank Kern: Marine Photographer

Leatherneck Bombers: Marine Corps B-25/PBJ Mitchell Squadrons of World War II

WW-II Gyrene

Leatherneck: Marine Corps Community for Marine Corps Veterans

United States Marine Corps: Together We Served

Marine Corps Aviation Association

Marine Corps Legacy Museum

Pacific Aviation Museum

Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation and Aviation Museum

Florida State University: Institute on WW-II and the Human Experience

Historical Text Archive

History of War Online

National Museum of the Pacific War

Association of Naval Aviation

Rutgers University: Oral History Archives

University of San Diego: WW-II Timeline

University of North Texas: World War II Web Resources

USA Patriotism!

World War II Directory

Marine Corps League National Headquarters

United States Marine Corps History Division

National Museum of the Marine Corps

National Naval Aviation Museum

U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Aircraft Bureau Numbers: 35000 Series

U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Aircraft Bureau Numbers: 88000-89000 Series

PBJ-1 for the U.S. Navy

Captain Doit L. Fish

Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

The Badin Bomber: PBJ 89050

Restoration of PBJ-1J, Bureau Number 35857

Pacific Wreck Database: PBJ 35143

Leatherneck Bombers: Marine Corps B-25/PBJ Mitchell Squadrons of World War II

U.S. Marine Corps World War II Dog Tags

McGrogan's Patch Designs

Flight Manuals on CD: Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for the PBJ-1C/D and PBJ-1H

Aeropoxy: PBJ-1 Structural Repair Handbook

World War II Impressions

National Capital Historic Sales

The Silent Wrecks of Kwajalein Atoll

B-25s: Where to Find Them

USMC Sikorsky HRS Database

U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39)


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